RSVP / Ticket Form for Commencement

Dear Members of the Law School Classes of 2021 and 2020,

Please take a moment to read through all details below related to the Commencement RSVP/Ticket form. You will receive a second e-mail today between 4:00-6:00pm EDT with a link to the form.

The following fields are in the RSVP/Ticket form. An answer is required for each field. Please have this information ready when you start to complete the form.

-First Name
-Last Name
-PeopleSoft ID Number
-E-mail Address
-Telephone Number
-Conferral Date
-School/College Graduating from

-Do you, the graduate, have a need for accessible seating?
-Do you, the graduate, have other accessibility needs? (ex. Need for SLI)
If yes, please describe.
-Do any of your guests have a need for accessible seating?
-Do any of your guests have other accessibility needs? (Ex. Need for SLI)
If yes, please describe.

(Note: In the Class of 2021 form ONLY, an additional question will appear based on your School/College selection with a follow-up information request. We are asking for your program in this additional question. For example, “School of Business, Accounting Program” or “School of Fine Arts, Dramatic Arts Program”.)

If Law, indicate program. (Then: If LLM within Law, indicate your specific program.)

It is important to remember that once you submit the form, you will be unable to make changes. Providing correct information the first time around is imperative.

If you have any questions about your Conferral Date, your School/College, and/or your Major/Program, please look in your StudentAdmin account or on your transcript (if you’ve already graduated) before completing this form.

Every graduate will receive three (3) guest tickets. When you are thinking about which three guests to invite, remember that they will be seated together in a pod. All three of your guests should be comfortable with this seating arrangement as pods cannot be broken apart (ex. 2 of them sit together and 1 sits nearby). All three guests will remain together in the seating pod. More information about tickets will be available in the coming weeks.